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CTG trainings and courses

Meet our Trainers

Meet our trainers

CTG's trainers are experts in their domain and bring the course content based on their experience. Meet some of our trainers below.

Bram Geukens

Test Tool Specialist

Quality has to be caused, not controlled.

Andreas Faes Bram is a Test Tool Specialist with over 9 years of experience in software testing, of which more than 6 years in test tools. He is very experienced in test automation and test management tool implementations/customisations. Bram gained his experience in numerous test automation and tool implementation projects and has thus become a trusted consultant in major IT organisations.

Bram has certifications in ISTQB foundation, HP Quality Center and HP QuickTest Professional.

At CTG he provides training in HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Unified Functional Testing and Microsoft Test Manager.

Bart Briers

Director Services & Solutions

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you! Tomorrow, you're always a day away...

Bart Briers Bart is former project and program manager for multiple services in ditto customer environments. Currently Director Services & Solutions and project sponsor for all CTG projects. Next to his CTG responsibilities, he is also appointed EMS professorship for teaching 2 classes in Project Management at the EHSAL Management School in Brussels. Teaching Project Management is his passion for more than 10 years now... and counting

Passing on his Project Management experience through a gamified case study is more than just part of his job. Actually it’s not part of his job anymore. But as a Director Services & Solutions, Bart finds it of the highest importance and therefore he is always more than willing to set aside all operational responsibilities to train the best Project Managers for customer projects. Because it’s so important .. and, honestly, so much fun too.

Hans Vernimme

Competence Developer

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

Hans Vernimme After several career moves, Hans Vernimme finally found his passion when taking the role as Competence Developer at CTG. In this role, Hans developed his people focus by following several courses but as much by learning by experience.

Help others to move towards their development and to find their passion, that’s what drives him. As certified MBTI Instructor he does this by coaching one-on-one and by giving soft skills training.

Michael Pilaeten

Test Consultant & Coach

If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough

Michael Pilaeten Michael is CTG’s primary ISTQB and certification trainer since 2008. Over the last 5 years, he helped more than 400 testers in improving their skill set. As a test consultant and coach, he aims at finding a balance between providing a structured learning environment and sharing knowledge and best practices.

Whether it concerns a certification training, or a methodological training, the goal is to provide each participant some key elements to take home with him/her. Michael is always enthusiastic when a trainee informs him that one of the topics they tackled triggered him/her to make some changes to an existing way of working, that really paid off.

Michael has certificaitons in prince2, ISTQB foundation, ISTQB advanced test management and IREB Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering Foundation.

At CTG he provides training in test methodology, test management and requirements management.

Wim Goeleven

RC Specialist

People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it. [Howard Newton]

Wim Goeleven More than 14 years ago, Wim started his career at CTG as a developer. After a short stop at the Testing unit, he is currently working as a Senior Validation Manager within the Regulatory Compliance unit.

Delivering high quality is inherent to his job. Training and qualified personnel form an essential part in achieving this quality. Backed by his experience gained during various projects at different customer sites, he passes through his knowledge and experience in different ways.

During his assignments he has provided several trainings in the customer's methodology or tools (e.g. Quality Center, RequisitePro). On demand, he also prepared specific trainings (e.g. CSV Methodology, preparing an FDA inspection).

At CTG he has been involved in the development and teaching of multiple RC classes, an introduction program where junior employees are introduced into the Regulatory Compliance world.

In addition, he promotes knowledge sharing by preparing training on specific topics like 21CFR Part 11 and presenting at CTG's Experience Day.

He is the Service Owner for ERP/SAP validation and holds the ISTQB Foundation and the IREB Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering Foundation certificate.