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About CTG

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To succeed in today's business world, companies need cutting-edge technology. CTG empowers clients to rapidly leverage today's innovative IT and Web technology across their enterprises.

We are an IT Solutions company, with over four decades of experience in helping our clients achieve their business goals. We specialise in services that improve the management and delivery of both business and IT projects,  and we deliver measurable business benefits. Our IT professionals provide our services through a network of ISO 9001-certified sites in North America and Europe.

IT needs change. We know.

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Application Solutions

Our Application Solutions team helps CTG clients with the planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of IT solutions. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Axceler and Nintex give us access to their latest technology.

Health Care Services

We provide healthcare organisations with cost effective, proven services that deliver real savings and process efficiencies, all of this based on tried and trusted CTG tools, methods and techniques.

IT Service Management

Our ITSM specialists help clients get the best out of their IT organisation and budget. They design solutions that are in line with the corresponding value to the client’s business and produce measurable results. Our partnerships with HP, Omninet and Microsoft give us access to their latest technology.

Management Solutions

Our Management Consultants assist organisations in delivering real business benefits and provide consulting services to different business sectors and to private and public organisations. They combine subject matter expertise with best practices.

Regulatory Compliance

In our Regulatory Compliance unit we enable clients to execute and manage validation and compliance projects, according to CTG's Regulatory Compliance practice. Personal training and competence development ensure that clients are kept up-to-date with the latest compliance issues.


Our Test specialists advise clients on how to streamline their test processes and how to select the test tools that fit them best. Tests are executed according to CTG quality standards, ensuring the quality and performance of systems before launch. Within our Testing unit, we have partnerships with HP and Microsoft.